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All our Gramline™ fencing and GramLAT™ lattice products are made from durable, high strength BHP Colorbond™ pre-painted steel, backed by BHP Steels 10 year fencing warranty.

The Gramline™ fencing system

Standard panel width 2370mm
Standard panel heights 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m
Components of a standard panel
Number of sheets 3
Number of posts 2
Number of rails 2
Self drilling screws 15
Sheet heights 1490mm, 1790mm and 2090mm
Post lengths 2100mm. 2400mm and 2700mm
Rail length 2370mm

GramLAT™ lattice System

Available in a range of standard sizes
300mm x 2355mm 900mm x 2355mm
450mm x 2355mm 1050mm x 2355mm
600mm x 2355mm 1200mm x 2355mm
750mm x 2355mm 1800mm x 1200mm
Dual colour GramLAT™ lattice can also be manufactured.

Colorbond™ Steel
Colorbond™ steel is manufactured using a four stage process that starts with a Zincalume™ base which has a conversion layer chemically applied, an epoxy primer is then baked onto the surface, after which a durable exterior grade topcoat is baked on. The fencing colour range currently consists of 20 colours. A colour chart can be downloaded from our brochure section.

For further information on Colorbond features and benefits visit BHP Steel.

Product Maintenance
Washing is recommended to be done at least every six months with a soft bristle broom and water. More frequent washing is required in coastal areas and areas where there is high industrial fallout.

Avoid spraying the fence with garden or pest control chemicals. Maintain a ground clearance of 50mm for the bottom rail.

A range of accessories are available including kit gates and cast aluminium ball caps.

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